Monday, September 22, 2014

A great day and a new beginning

Some scenes from my birthday Friday, in which I celebrated 50! 

I took the day off work and had lunch and a pedicure with Rebecca
Dennis took me out for a fabulous seafood dinner
complete with birthday "cake" (bread pudding)
Then we saw a local production of a MUSICAL of my favorite novel
Front row

Mind you, I had already been treated to a birthday celebration last Sunday... Rebecca's!
Which included my favorite cake.  And we were celebrating something else, too:
today is the first day of my LAST WEEK at Goodwill.
I start a new job on the 29th!
Can you hear the angels singing Hallelujiah?  I can!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The last outdoor festival of my season

Yesterday Kathy and I attended what will probably be the last outdoor festival of the season -- at least for me -- in Florence, Colorado.  It was a beautiful day! 
I love this event because it's both an outdoor Junktique and a craft fair (plus an old fashioned parade) in a small town.

Here's Kathy -- she doesn't like having her photo taken, and doesn't stand still for very long either so it's hard to catch her!  It was so funny going with her to this event because she knew EVERYONE who was a vendor there -- everywhere we walked someone greeted her!

We visited some indoor shops, too when we were ready to get out of the sun and into the A/C.

But I think my favorite part of the day was relaxing on a park bench under the trees and having a long chat with Kathy.
Kathy gifted me a beautiful collection of pretty things for my birthday (more on that in a later post), and I gave her a snippet roll I made just for her.  Yes, sorry, you need to look at another snippet roll!
This one has a glass curtain pull at the end, with a crocheted lavender cover, that I have been saving just for a project like this.

A ledger page covers the inside of the spool.

It was a lovely weekend of celebrating my birthday and other great news; I will be writing more about all of that and showing you some of the beautiful, thoughtful gifts I received from dear friends--so please visit again soon!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vintage Darlings Snippet Roll Swap

Here's the snippet roll I sent to Cerri; she's a new friend and her site is The Little Pink Studio.
I packed it in a little tart tin (or Jello mold) -- it fit perfectly!
This time I played with some black accents, and I really like the way it came out.
This is the back, and you can see how I decorated the spool with French paper.
Another view of it all rolled up; now, I'll show you each section:
The top; I really love this little girl with the curly hair and the big sash and I've used her in several projects in the past

A photo of a baby girl, and then some of my favorite beaded wedding gown trim...and a tiny frozen Charlotte
Millinery petals in white, and buttons
A little boy and his baby sibling, some antique brown lace and a wonderfully textured old metal button
Another view of that favorite mother and child from my previous post, a Bingo number and a pink crocheted flower
Another sweet photo of a girl, more millinery (I used the good stuff!) and of course, buttons!
You might have noticed that I put many of the photos I used on the snippet roll under a layer of sheer fabric; they show up so much better in person than they do in these photos.
The fabric with the green and orange is a snippet of a feed sack fabric quilt
 Another sweet baby photo and some beautiful crochet lace and buttons

Finally...I created a charm from a tiny frame and another vintage darling photo and tied it on, along with a fabulous "birdcage" button that I just love!
I think what I love most about these snippet rolls is the tiny scale, and the chance to do so much hand sewn detail.  It's a challenge to get it all sewn on so that it remains compact enough for the spool.
Thanks for looking!