Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Autumn around the house

The trees are colorful and Fall is in the air.
Cora and Ben on their way to Homecoming a few weeks ago; aren't they adorable?
I put my Fall door hanging outside...
and all the rest inside, too!
Here's that mid-century two-tiered plate -- I filled it with two kinds of Fall potpourri, and a candle that is on its last legs.
 I found this mustard yellow tray/basket at Tuesday Morning the other day.
 I filled it with autumn colors, to include white (the little owl and some pumpkins!)
In one corner of the living room.
 How much do you love this vintage Puss n' Boots?  I bought him a couple of years ago in Kansas City.

In another corner...
 creepy Halloween dolls!  The smaller one is a matchbox I received in a Halloween swap made by/from JoAnne.
and the taller one is one I made myself a while back.
 I took photos in the early morning light; I like the shadows that showed up.
I'm amassing quite a collection of beautiful tags!  These are all Fall-themed.
I got out the Gypsy Songbook I made at Karla's Romantic Gothic Ghosts event; I love it as much as ever (maybe more!)
 And there are some other little hints of Halloween, here and there.

 Banner time, too!  The orange crepe jack o'lanterns came from Kirkland's; when I popped in the other day, they were marked down to 99 cents each!
One of my first altered paper projects -- the autumn banner.
 And, I have been making more fabric pumpkins -- just like last year!  As you can see, the one on the right is in progress.  I am thinking of using a cork from my favorite wine as a stem for that one -- what do you think?
 If you remember the pretty barkcloth-y fabric I bought the other day and blogged about, this is my first project with it:
 a pumpkin in non-traditional colors.
Behind it is one I made last year; I think they go nicely together.
The little pumpkins are so easy to hand-stitch up -- I am once more addicted!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

An invitation to swap

Please visit me on my other blog, Button Floozies, for details on our Christmas swap.  Button lovers everywhere are welcome to join in the fun!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The shop: to open, or not to open?

You all know I recently left my job at shopgoodwill.com.  The new job is very different but I think I'm adjusting well.  The surroundings are lovely, and peaceful.
Here's the view from my new office's parking lot
The commute is better/easier; and, the job itself,  in some ways, affords me so much more freedom than my last job -- particularly because I'm working non-traditional hours.

Various iterations of my shop logo over the years...
I was not allowed to have my vintage shop open while I was on staff at shopgoodwill.com, so I have been looking forward to starting to sell again. 
At least I think I have.
Either that, or working at a job where I was listing 35-40 items (vintage and decidedly not) a day, 5 days a week, for 15 months, has cured me forever.
To be honest -- so far, I haven't been able to bring myself to get working on opening my shop again.
So, I thought I might find inspiration in having something new and exciting to sell.  I took myself to a couple of estate sales and thrift shops the other day.
 Grab bags are always fun...this one I wanted most especially for the bird brooch in the center.
But it came with all sorts of other great little bits!
The bird brooch will be perfect in a bird-themed creation -- which is something I always seem to be making.
 It is covered in glass and has a good, deep crack over its face.  But I love it anyway.
At the same sale, I bought this lovely hand-carved bird on a branch for myself.
It's yellow, and sits on a branch at the bottom -- do you see it?  I haven't been able to discover anything about the artist yet.
Look at this photo I found in a quick stop at an antique store.
There is something about the way everyone was posed -- especially the women -- and the differences in their dresses that I thought made it so charming!
 And I've been doing some online shopping, too; this is some vintage wallpaper I bought from my friend Linda -- crafty scraps in Christmas red and green!
She always sends along a freebie -- this time it was tags!
 At a thrift store on 1/2 price day I found this mid-century bowl set, two tiers, with a teak wood and metal stand...
 and this little red art glass creamer/pitcher, which is just exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.  These are things I could get excited about offering in my shop.
 Some fabric that is kind of one part bark cloth, one part silk.
 I just loved the colors.
 I also grabbed this monogram transfer set...

I love using these kinds of pages in collages.
Also: I think they would make lovely paper roses!
 At another estate sale I found some more packages of those...I love the one that advertises it has, "dainty, feminine motifs"!
 And some vintage sewing pincushions in wood and fabric; after I set up my own vintage display, I decided I would love to put together some sets of vintage notions to sell in my shop.
If I reopen it.
 The little stitched hot pad was irresistible -- as well as the pillowcase just waiting to be embroidered.
 I don't often see Easter ephemera so I had to grab this little glittered egg -- it was hand made.
 And a little bit more kitschy Christmas items -- all 25 cents apiece.
 A grab bag of Christmas stickers/seals/stamps...
Because I needed more.
Because, after doing the swap with Terri, I'm very much in Christmas crafting mode!
And I would love to make some Christmas ephemera kits to sell, too.
If I decide to re-open my shop, you will be among the first to know!
Today is Tuesday -- but it's really my Saturday, as I'm off work for 2 days.
Let's see how much I can get accomplished, mid week, as I settle into these new hours and this strange new schedule!
Hey, I decided to link this up with Betsy's Vintage Inspiration Link Party!