Saturday, October 10, 2015

Halloween paper art

I am so happy with my newly organized crafting space.  A few nights ago I did some late-night art therapy.  Two hours went by in a flash, and this is what I ended up with:
The moon is from some Graphics 45 paper.
I think this one is my favorite:

A trio of tags...

I just used what I had on hand, and was completely satisfied to create these little collages!
I played with the combination of stripes and dots on this one; I used a piece of Halloween clip art and some vintage ribbon.  The strip of numbers came from a slide storage box -- they were intended to label the slides.  You can't see it in the photo, but I edged the witch's hat and fabulous cape with silver sparkle.
Are you ready for Fall and the spooky holiday?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fun and family reunited

I had a chance to return to the Horseshoe Market in Denver yesterday, for the first time in a few years!  It is an Indie Craft vintage market that takes place near a park in North Denver.  In the years since I was last there, it has it grown -- so happy to see that!  Dennis came with me because we were off to see Ben afterwards.
Fall has arrived here, so it was a cloudy day but the sun did peek out from time to time as we walked around and visited the booths.
Besides booths, there were some mobile shops and food trucks, too.
Lots of jewelry, art, textiles, and antiques.  There were lots of city people with their dogs and baby carriages in this young and hip neighborhood.  I came home with some craft supplies and greeting cards.
This is my friend Amy's booth, full of vintage Halloween fun!
(That's her, above, laughing with a customer!)
At lunchtime, we decided to try some of the food truck fare...above, The Elvis: a grilled peanut butter, nutella, banana, honey and BACON sandwich!  It was DELICIOUS -- from the purple food truck Hey PB&J.  Wow.
Of course, the best part of the day was after the market, when we drove another hour north and visited Ben at his university.  It was so good to see him!
We visited and had dinner...
got caught up, heard lots of stories, and laughed.  He seems to be doing very well.
Seeing him again did this mom's heart GOOD.
How was your weekend?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The stuff of September

This week I had another birthday. My husband got me Whole Food's yummy Chantilly cake -- have you ever had it?  It's a favorite!
We went out for a nice dinner and had fresh seafood which is a real treat as it is kind of scarce in landlocked Colorado.
Summer's fading away and the air has a bit of a chill in it, especially in the evenings.  I love autumn, but am always sad to see the end of summer.
I have been spending time the last couple of months on a decluttering project in my studio/craft room.  I try to work on it at least once every weekend, and lately more than that, because I'm finally beginning to see the end in sight.  The photo above shows my son's old toy sorting bin which I have put to good use holding shoe-box sized plastic containers full of ephemera and other craft supplies.
This is the inside of one of my newly straightened out drawers full of lace and ribbon.  I store them carded inside of old sewing machine drawers, which are so wonderfully narrow!
More sorted goodies -- this time laces and doilies and other small embellishments.
Would you believe this is just part of my thinned-out supply of vintage fabrics?  It's sorted by type and color as well as age...
As you can see, it still needs more sorting.  Most of this is the fabric I actually use for projects -- the stuff I'm willing to cut -- not to be confused with the stuff I hoard and love and won't cut up!
I made great progress today -- this is the top of a table that, before today, was completely stacked with unsorted stuff!  I was happily surprised to see all the pretty vintage containers I've collected over the last few years.  Everything looks so pretty in glass.
At this point, I only have a few big bundles of craft supplies that I need to go through and figure out a good way to store -- like the pile of uncarded ribbon, above...
and this whole box of "smalls" -- pretty little things I want to use as embellishments for art projects.  I haven't been able to figure out a solution for storing this particular pile of things, to make them easily accessible and to keep them sorted.  Ideas welcome!
It has been good for my soul to be up to my elbows in all of the beautiful things I've collected.  But it will be even better as soon as all the organizing is finished I will be able to sit down in my craft room and USE it for its intended purpose!  So excited!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Textile love

Remember this wonderful sampler that Terri sent me?  I made it into a pillow:
You can't see the back, but I used a very favorite antique blue cloth I had never cut into before -- I was saving it for something special.  I would still like to find the perfect fancy trim for the edges, but didn't have one that was just right in my stash, so I will keep looking.
It makes me very happy when I see it sitting on my bed.
Something else that made me so happy: a surprise gift in the mail from Linda Sue!  The gift included this beautiful book, Vintage, A Winter's Tale.
 I opened the book and couldn't close it until I had looked at every single page of beautiful photos!
 It was full of everything I love...
and many things I didn't know I loved until right that moment!
The gift box was filled to the brim with beautiful old linens, too!
 intricately hand beaded...
 and perfectly pristine.  This one is going straight onto a pillow and will be on my sofa.
 The stitching is BEAUTIFUL!
 And buttons...
 wonderfully tatted runners...
as well as more for my Little Bo Peep obsession!
I love it all and feel very spoiled!
I have to tell you all about this wonderful film called The Quilted Conscience.  It's short but completely engrossing, telling the story of a group of Nebraska women who work on a story quilt project with Sudanese refugees.  The girls are all new to quilting and the quilters teach them to sew two squares each  -- one of memories from Sudan, and one of a future dream.  The resulting quilt is so beautiful it gave me chills!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Time marches on

I know it's almost September already, but I was still surprised to all the Christmas items in the store at Hobby Lobby today!  It really got me in the holiday crafting mood.

I didn't buy any, but have enjoyed seeing the burlap everything in the store -- these rolls of  "ribbon" were on sale today.

My trip to Hobby Lobby was part of a day out with my husband: first a trip to the indoor pool to swim laps, then a late breakfast, then a thrift store, then the craft store, and lastly a stop at Dairy Queen before heading home to sit on the patio for a while.  The house still feels quiet and empty, but I'm feeling better than I was last week.  Thank you for all the kind comments and sympathy. Change can be hard.

I had a little fun at work this past week when I volunteered to help with our company's talent show, Broadmoor Night Live.  It was done as a take-off on Saturday Night Live, with similar skits between the various acts.  I have many talented coworkers!  Most of the acts were singers, but there were also 2 dancers and one stand-up comedienne.  It's so nice to work for a company that still takes the time to arrange these kinds of activities for employees.

I have been de-stashing all summer long, and also refraining from "junking"; I've missed my favorite hobby but I have SO. MUCH. STUFF that it's a little bit like shopping when I go through it and discover all kinds of things I've forgotten I had.  And I've purged a lot but still have more to go.  The other day when I was filling box number 8 or so, I pulled out a few things that I will be listing in my Etsy shop.  Like this cute Barbie doll clothes pattern.

Also, this really great Taylor & Ng, San Francisco penguin cookie jar that I'm finally able to part with.  It's from the 80's and I've owned and loved it since the 90's.  Now it's looking for a new home.

I'm not feeling especially motivated to work on my poor little abandoned Etsy shop -- not because I don't love it (I do) but just because my work week is so long that I'm just too tired most of the time!  But I would really like to get some of my Christmas kitsch sold before the holidays this year so I'm going to make an effort.

How about you?  How are your online sales going?  Any holiday crafting/sales plans?

In other news, I am no longer an Examiner.  That's right, after 5 years, fired me.  I haven't been writing more than one article a month for a while now and they want more active writers.  I didn't expect them to let me go like that, though, and I'm a little bit miffed that they sent me an email from their Legal Department informing me of this decision.  It's not going to break the bank, though -- I only earned ~$5 a month for the all those articles I wrote as Colorado Springs Antique and Thrift Shopping Examiner, which you can still read here -- at least until they take down my page.  Hmph.